Olive Coffee

Olive Coffee Production:
Coffee is a favorite beverage in all countries of the world and every morning millions of people enjoy the pleasure of drinking coffee hot or cold and from the balcony of the house or on the desk of the office and many of them are mastered in the manufacture and the way they prepare and boast of, and there are many types of coffee, including Arabic, Turkish and Espresso and many of its derivatives Safe for adults, but not more than 6 cups a day, which may lead to nervous disorders and is not safe for children. Accordingly, the Noorin International Group, in cooperation with a scientific research center in the region of Balik, a prisoner in a Turkish city, produced olive coffee.

Olive Coffee is the first of its kind in the world and is characterized by a taste of taste and is known to one of the benefits of olive health and all that is produced and obtained the group Norin International patented the production of olive coffee a new type and this coffee is 100% safe for children and the whole family.

Olive Coffee
Olive Coffee
Olive Coffee

Olive coffee is extracted from the olive beans after drying and turned into olive coffee powder. We will take some of the benefits of olive coffee:

Reduces blood sugar.
Protects the heart muscle and arteries from sclerosis.
Activates liver and gallbladder.
Fighting cancer.
A general tonic for men and rich in vitamins C
Stimulates the stomach and intestines and helps digestion.
Delays the appearance of aging symptoms.

Nurayn International Group has produced the new olive coffee product so that you can taste the delicious coffee and get the benefits of olives that contain a high percentage of antioxidants

(ISO 22000 and ISO 9001) as well as Halal certificate and health certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Several flavors of olive coffee are available

Noreen International Group produces many products such as olive tea, which is also a new product offering a first class olive oil of high quality for export, as well as the production of natural olive oil soap

All of these products are produced by the Nurayn International Group Farms

Tea - leaves - olive

Nurayn International Group’s products are of high quality and have international certificates

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