About the agricultural investment in olive lands in Turkey

Through our experience, we have learned that entering this field is a door of investment for the blessing of Zaytouna. In this work we have the experience of many generations, and we have lived our lives with it and with every stage of its stages such as agriculture, harvest, etc.

We have benefited from every part of it as an agricultural and industrial project, a blessed tree that lives for hundreds of years and gives it constant without interruption, God willing.

As a successful project, we have achieved qualitative leapfrogs as an experienced and safe investment in the risks, and generate a lot of returns for multiple investments in it and in all its parts, so we wanted to expand our partnership with our investors to achieve two goals simultaneously, as an agricultural and industrial project to grow together and with our investors. Stronger domestically and globally.

Certainly, all the land we sell to investors is agricultural land and its trees are reliable, fruitful and secure from all possible risks if God wills.

There is no doubt that the olive trees are ready to invest and the highest specifications and their ages are large and high production and is one of the most requested species in the domestic and international market.

We rely on our long experience in this field and through our team of consultants and agricultural engineers qualified to know the type of soil and trees, and ways to care for the quality of production, where we use the latest agricultural technology to achieve the highest rate of success in all our projects to become real partners with our investors.

In fact, we differ from all the investments offered in the markets and what we offer investors in this investment as a real guarantee is:
First: Ensuring the ownership of free real estate assets.
Second: Investment in olive groves ready for production from the first year and all services available.
Thirdly, the most assured is the annual investment yield with high fixed income over the long term.
Fourth: The highest investment return 20% of the value of the investment contract documented between our company and the owner of the land through a lawyer accredited by the State.
Fifth: the return of the value of investment 100% in the period of five years, in addition to the possession of fixed assets (land) and the annual investment yield fixed over the long term, God willing.

The fees of the land registry are important items that must be taken into account when buying the property. The fees are 4% of the property price, imposed by the state on both the seller 2% and the buyer 2%.

After the purchase of the land and delivery to our company contract lease for five years there is no additional amounts paid by the investor and will be the company to bear all the expenses and expenses relating to land during this period, taking into account that there is a land tax paid by the owner of the property annually to the state and the amounts very simple.

The purchase is in dollars, will be converted to your account in dollars, or converted to your account in local currency equivalent at the day rate at the conversion if you wish.

In fact, we care about you as investors with us and we will never leave you, God willing, so we have a special section in our company to take care of your investments for the second stage. It is a re-management of the land for you, 20% of the value of the crop and its sale and 80% As agricultural services for the land, taking into consideration that you pay the land tax annually to the state and the amounts are very simple.

We have plans to take care of the olive trees for each season through our expertise and long experience in this regard, attention to the time of plowing, irrigation, vaccination and pruning before the date of the flowers of pregnancy and the distribution of food fertilization on all parts of the tree avoids the resistance in pregnancy, God willing.

Land prices depend on our specifications to ensure the best returns to the investor as follows:
• Specifications of land type and soil.
• Tree type and disease-free.
• The age of trees over ten years and more than thirty years.
• Near the agricultural land of the city and the buildings or be outside the city.

As for the prices are as follows:
• The price of dunums of agricultural land near the city or the structure from five to ten kilos is about (8,500) eight thousand and five hundred dollars.
• which is about 20 kilometers or more from the city (7,000) seven thousand dollars, knowing that they have the same specifications mentioned above.

Very important question and many brothers investors hesitate to question them!
1 – The answer is logical in the same question, so it is natural if the purchase price is high because you will reap the proceeds of this investment also at a high price, and this is the type of investment that we care and specifications, as follows:
2 – Choose the type of land suitable for agriculture.
3. Selection of large, productive and disease-free trees.
4- The trees should be 10 years old, up to 20 years old and more.
5 – Perform soil and water analysis for agriculture.
6. Follow-up and direct supervision of the land through our team of professional agricultural consultants and engineers throughout the year.
7 – The presence of all components of the service project in this area of ​​modern irrigation network and electricity and organic fertilizer and agricultural services throughout the year.
8. Availability of manpower, expert and advanced agricultural machinery.
9 – Trees are reliable and obtain insurance certificates of potential risks, God willing.
10 – Achieve the highest production with high returns 20% of the value of the land.
11 – Refund of the amount of investment 100% and return to the investor’s portfolio within five years.
12 – In addition to owning the land produced then in the long term, God willing.
As for the rest of the land cheap, we do not work on it and do not recommend any investor to enter, because the risks are large, and returns does not achieve up to 6% of the value of investment, according to our study to take the type of cheap investment, and whenever the type of investment cheap, The land and trees may be affected by diseases (such as cancer). This has no cure, or land where some chronic diseases are known only by experts. This investment does not achieve any return. In contrast, it is necessary to remove trees from the entire farm. Investment, this is the difference!

Olive prices are subject to the quality of the product each season, as well as the price of the local market and its growing demand.

In fact, the basis of our project is based on the interest of the product as organic farming free from any chemical additives to obtain high-quality organic olive oil to double the price and achieve the highest return for this product.

There is no doubt that in all projects there are negatives and positives, but with this investment project Mubarak and such a giant has studies and experiments have achieved success in advance and thankfully, I think and so that there is no negative, on the contrary, we established the work structure to put all Our efforts to make all our projects succeed and to avoid any risk, God willing.

Of course, an investor can visit his own land whenever he wants.

We provide you with updates through a land program that gives you all the details mentioned in the instrument (s), the boundaries of the land, its location and the name of the area in which it is located.

It is known in Turkish law that the owner is allowed a building permit with an area of 5% of the total area of the land of each investor and this area should not be more than 250 square meters and according to construction.

Yes, the foreign investor can buy an agricultural, residential, commercial or several properties provided that the total value of the property is more than (250) thousand US dollars to be able to apply for Turkish nationality.

In fact, according to our study and experience, we found that the return on real estate investment in Turkey does not achieve the investor’s ambition and does not recover its value even after 30 years of buying it if it is new, and after This period is the property has consumed its life span during this period, and reduces its value in every decade of his life, and does not achieve returns up to 8% during this period, in addition to the need for maintenance expenses and monthly services, either agricultural investment we call the giant investment for those with experience Professional management , Fmmizzat agricultural investment that:

– It is not affected by economic crises, wars, the devaluation of the currency or the economic stagnation due to the need of local and international markets for foodstuffs and the high prices in the local market in addition to external exports.
– Annual yield of agricultural production guaranteed profits.
– Agricultural land increases over time.

We do not currently have land to sell.

We are currently developing land for the cultivation of olives in the intensive system, which is currently known in many countries such as Spain, Italy and other countries, which are few, and will give us twice as many lands as we can. Which is currently cultivated with the permission of the Almighty, and this project needs time. The system of sale in these lands will be in cash and installment, God willing.

The investor and the owner of the land shall be entitled to sell his land at any time he wants, unless it is under the lease contract (five years) or the conditions of obtaining citizenship for three years.

The conventional commission for resale is 3% and we guarantee all sales procedures.

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