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Why Olive Farms

A Blessed Tree

The olive tree is an evergreen tree. It is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an seven times and it is described by God as “the blessed tree” olive oil is considered one of the most important agricultural products. The olive is one of the economic pillars and one of the factors that made high potential for the Turkish economy.

Economic Development Project

Is not affected by economic crises, wars, fluctuations of the currency, and economic stagnation due to the need of local and international markets for food industry. Therefor the agricultural project of the olive trees is considered one of important food and strategic projects. Studies also indicated that the rising consumption rate in traditional areas of olive oil in Africa and Asia increased by 405%.

Industrial And Agricultural Project

It can be used in the industry of food, such as table olives, high quality olive oil, natural soap, and cosmetics such as creams, body lotions and hair oils, as well as high quality charcoal, and its herbal leaves for medicinal products and tea.

Success Reasons

The law of the country that welcomes investment in general and land ownership for individuals and companies. The geographical location of Turkey between Europe and Asia, abundance of underground water and monsoon rains, easy access to agricultural land, skilled and professional manpower. Also the natural of the organic fertilizers and the presence of necessary agricultural equipment and technology.

Turkey Is The World's Fourth.

The Mediterranean countries are characterized by olive agriculture. Turkey is one of the world’s largest producer of olives with an olive production volume of 1.82 million tons per year, making it the fourth largest in the world.

Benefits Of Olives

The most important of these benefits are the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Also it helps the treatment of asthma and arthritis because it contains vitamin (e) as well as prevention of colon cancer, also it helps to protect the retina, moreover it help the work of the digestive system, and treatment of gastritis and ulcers.

Our Projects

Director of  Nurayn Group Int'l

Our CEO’s Message

Our vision in Nuryan group is to develop food security in trees producing basic food commodities and to develop them using the highest agricultural techniques. Investment in agriculture is not affected by any political or economic changes, also it can be converted into industrial products competing with European products.

Group Manager | Ahmed Duyar

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