Virgin olive oil Dorica 250ML


    Virgin olive oil Dorica 0.25 liters
    The benefits of virgin olive oil Dorica multiple and countless are from the blessed olive tree, which God mentioned in his heavenly books and eating healthy habits, but in moderate quantities is a very suitable alternative to fat and unhealthy oils has proved many studies of the benefits and importance, especially olive oil Virgin excellent Dirukh Among its benefits:

    Reduce the risk of stroke.
    Anti-Alzheimer’s disease.
    Treatment of infections.
    Strengthen the body’s immunity.
    Cancer Control.
    Strengthen and activate blood circulation.
    Effective antioxidant.
    The nutritional value of olive oil:
    Calories – 119 calories.
    Water – 0 mm.
    Protein – 0 g.
    Carbohydrates – 0 g.
    Fat – 13.5 g.
    Saturated fat – 29.8 g.
    Monounsaturated fats – 157.5 g.
    Polyunsaturated fats – 22.7 g.
    Cholesterol – 0 g.
    Iron – 0.08 mg.
    All the products on the site are from the project farms Noorin International Group for agricultural and real estate development and trade and there are many unique products have recently obtained a patent for olive coffee and olive leaf tea and has achieved high sales in many countries, and the manufacture of soap in high quality and does not contain Any chemical additives are 100% natural and with local handicraft.

    Noorin International Group is a leading Turkish company specialized in agricultural and real estate investment and development, based in Istanbul and licensed under the Turkish Companies Law. It is geared towards investors who wish to own and invest in Turkey.

    But why are we ???
    Because we rely after God Almighty on our long experience and careful planning and modern studies, and we have a team of consultants and agricultural engineers competent in all our investments, in addition to our administrative and marketing staff in Istanbul.

    Everything starts:
    Starting from the ancient city of Antakya and from the town of Hatay, we have more than 45 years of agricultural experience, accumulated experience in a family partnership that is cultivating and loving the land generation after generation, so this experience has now been transformed into an international company to continue its professional service to investors. To others whether they are individuals or institutions.

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