Olive oil soap

Olive oil soap

History of olive oil soap:

Olive oil is extracted from the olive fruits by its age and has been known for its great benefits since ancient times, It is a nourishing food for the body, enriched with vitamins, nutrients and salts necessary for the body, Olive oil was used to light the oil jellyfish before the discovery of the oil, As he entered into many industries, The most prominent of these is the soap industry, He even made a special soap called Olive oil soap,which has been used throughout the ages to bathe, wash hair, and body, olive oil is also known since ancient times for its great aesthetic benefits, and in our article we will get to know Olive oil soap And its benefits it offers to the skin.

Benefits of olive oil soap:

Olive oil soap is known for its aesthetic benefits to the skin, So it’s been used extensively to wash the face, It is good and useful for the skin more than that soap made from chemicals, Its benefits are as follows: This type of soap is best for dry and sensitive skin, To enrich it with oil that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, And it makes it softer. It is useful for the face as it does not block pores in the skin. Has a major role in prolonging the life of skin cells because they contain squalene, that are secreted from the body naturally, Which protects natural skin oils from oxidation. rich in sterile skin materials, and disinfectant for wounds, And sunburn. Makes skin clean, pure and pure. Purifies the skin from impurities. Spray can be used Olive oil soap In the work of a mask to get rid of excess facial hair. Removes black spots and scars from the skin. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Use as an effective makeup remover. Saves skin from acne and rashes

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