Tabo in Turkey

Tabo in Taboo means the taboo is legally defined as a document or title deed. It is the document that regulates a particular property. The property is verified by the person mentioned in the document. It contains information about the property, the real estate survey numbers and the location of the property.

Tabo in Turkey

The real title deed (Tabu) is not given except in the name of the owner of the real estate (the legitimate owner)

If the property is owned by more than one person, only one bond is given, separating the share of each landlord in the property.

Tabu types in Turkey regarding the land, where divided into two main types:

Tabu land for reconstruction. (Red Tabo)
Tabu agricultural land. (Blue Tabo)

The following is a breakdown of each type …
1. Landable deeds (construction land bonds)

Is the bonds of residential land and is called in Turkish name: “Arsa”. This type of bond is granted to the lands for which a property is authorized by the municipality.

2. Agricultural Land Bonds (Blue Tabu)

The second type of land title is the tabu of agricultural land in Turkey, also known as the field land name, which is called Turkish Tarla.

When the land is considered an agricultural land, it means that all other types of agricultural projects in Turkey are allowed, such as agriculture, tillage, livestock, poultry and so on;

It should be noted that after a period of time, agricultural land registered in the Turkish Tabuk Bank as an agricultural land has been acquired as a result of a change in the reconstruction plan in the area, while remaining in the Sindh (agricultural land) or the so-called agricultural taboos, These properties are common because of urban expansion in many Turkish cities so the owner of the land may change the type of taboo.

“Blue Taboos” title to the ownership of agricultural land

“Red Tabu” Tabu ownership of housing units

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