Guaranteed investment returns

The investment returns guaranteed with the Nurayn International Group for investment and agricultural development with a high return of investment to our investor with 20% of the value of the land, is a qualitative shift can recover the amount of investment within five years, God willing, because olive trees enjoy many other characteristics

Guaranteed investment returns

Characteristics of olive trees?

The olive trees and their fruits have characteristics that do not compare with any other agricultural product. It also achieves the best economic, industrial and social returns at the same time.

1. Strategic project.

Our agricultural project for the olive tree is a strategic project that is not affected by economic crises or wars, nor by the low price of the currency or by the economic stagnation, due to the need of local and international markets for foodstuffs and the high prices in the local market in addition to external export.

2. Agricultural-industrial project.

Nurayn International Group for Agricultural and Real Estate Investment has been able to enter this field and make a qualitative leap and transition from an agricultural project to an industrial project because of its professional experience, well thought out plans and the reasons for transformation to manage this giant project at the local and international levels.

I am agricultural and industrial products.

Which will benefit from agriculture, in the manufacture of food, olive table for all types of green and black.
It also makes high quality virgin olive oil with excellent specifications, acidity 0.2 to 0.8 and exported to the outside market.
Make natural and pure soap.
It is made of cosmetics such as creams, body moisturizers and hair oils.
It is made of high quality natural heating coal.
Production and manufacture of Shahi olive leaves because of its important health benefits and benefits.

With this blessed investment, we will have guaranteed investment returns and allow us to enter and participate in international and local exhibitions and export these products to the international markets, because of Turkey’s high standards and quality in products and food industries globally.

Our products comply with international standards and are supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates, Halal certificates and certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. And laboratory quality analyzes.

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