Recovery of capital

Redemption of capital :

The return of the capital in our agricultural sector, which achieves guaranteed profit returns, God willing, with a return of 20% of the value of the land. The proceeds are paid annually upon the completion of a full year cycle from the time of purchase and the signing of the contract for a period of five years.

Recovery of capital

So our project is based on four main sectors of income.

Investment sector.
Industrial sector.
Commercial sector.
Food sector.

Investment Sector:

Purchase and development of olive growing projects ready for production and expansion through our experienced experts in the management of agricultural projects through their experience in the selection and specifications of tree species, and the type of clean soil free of pollution, drip irrigation method, and follow-up control of diseases and insects fungal, if any, Production and access to high quality production.

Our project is based on benefiting from the expansion of the agricultural land ready for sale to our investors in this vital sector and the best agricultural and sustainable land with the highest annual return on investment guaranteed risk and loss of capital.

Industrial sector:

Is to benefit from the crop of agricultural land that we have and our investors have converted into high quality industrial products.

Manufacture of first grade virgin olive oil with cold acidity that does not exceed the international standard (0.3-0.8).
Olive industry (new) Our industry for the first time will enter the market.
Shahi olive leaf industry also (new) Our industry.
Manufacture of natural olive soap 100%.
Manufacture of heating coal from olive pits.

Commercial sector:

Targeting the local market:

Work on access to the local market and distribution of products at points of sale All consumer complexes, public shopping malls (Malls) and points of sale in public tourist sites.

Targeting the external market:

Exporting products to foreign markets through participating in international exhibitions in Turkey and abroad is the main objective of showing the commercial products in a manner that suits the Turkish industry’s reputation internationally. All of our products comply with international standards and are ISO 9001- ISO 22000), Halal certificates and certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food,

Food Sector:

Our company’s entry into the food industry to secure part of the sustainable food and expand its reach through these important and necessary products in the life of the individual and society as well as the capital recovery in a short period.

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