olive oil

Olive oil and its types:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil extracted from olive fruits in natural ways only, under suitable thermal conditions that do not affect its qualities.

Oil is also classified based on several characteristics:

Color, appearance, transparency, density, odor, taste).

olive oil

This oil is classified into two basic types:

The first is the oil produced from the first juice of the beginning of the fruit of fresh olives and is called extra virgin olive oil Extra Super Virgin.

It is considered the best types of oils, and is characterized by taste and smell of supernatural to the usual, and the degree of acidity does not exceed 0.03 to 0.08.

Second: pure virgin olive oil and is considered to be the lowest quality of excellent pristine, and has an acceptable taste, and the degree of acidity between 1-1.5 degrees.

Third: Semi-pure virgin oil: This type of packing is prohibited only in cases intended for external use, and its pH is between 1.5-3 degrees.

Fourth: It is olive oil, extracted from the remnants of the age of olive fruits

It is called refined oil, virgin olive oil, but with a high acidity, and can be refined using chemical methods, which leads to the loss of oil and its natural characteristics and characteristics of the original and without color and smell and taste, which is used to make soap.

The positive flavors of olive oil:

Fruit flavor: Comes with the safety of fresh green or ripe olive

Gallbladder amer: The taste of the olive juice is green or greener.
Hot piquant: a sense of tingling in the throat which is characteristic of the olive at the beginning of the season, especially of green beans

Olive tree uses:

The olive tree is one of the most widely used trees around the world. It is used in food, medicine, energy, soap industry, ornamental and furniture.

The olive is of great importance, where the olive oil is extracted, it is also used directly in food and cooking, can also be packaged green fruits, and left

To mature by immersing olives with salty water like table olives, and adding herbs with fine smells to give it a delicious taste.

olive oil

Olive oil and soap industry:

The olive oil soap industry is considered one of the oldest local industries in the Turkish countryside, which is mainly dependent on the olive season. This industry was started individually and developed by the establishment of the people and factories in the Ottoman era, and flourishes in olive seasons and oil production.

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